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Sustainable growth.
with Coco peat

RMCOCOS takes pride in providing a sustainable green solution in a world where consumers demand for organic and eco-friendly cultivation options.
Coco Peat (known as Coir Pith, Coco Coir, Coir Fibre, Cocos, Coir dust) is derived from the process of extracting fiber from the outer husk of coconut. RMCOCOS offers range of products using 100% natural raw material.

Our Produce

Why our Coco Coir?

Our coconut coir goes through a comprehensive quality control process to ensure we sell the best coco coir to you. We have the following procedures to make sure we have the highest quality of coco coir product

  • A dedicated system to control how the coco coir ages
  • Correctly store and package our coco coir.
  • Create the right blend of fibres and pith
  • Rinse and wash our coco coir to flush out salts
  • We avoid situations that are conducive to pathogen growth
Our Story

Supply The Best Coir Products

The Coir Products we deal are manufactured from quality and matured Coir Fibers. We are the leading exporters of coir products as per the requirements and sizes to US, Europe and Indian markets. Our ability to deliver products to the customers across globe in a timely and distinct manner has earned us a trusted vendor in the market. What sets us apart from the competitors is the way we deal and understanding our clients. Our long-standing partnership with the vendors helps us to drive better results. The products we deal include industrial Coir Ropes, Coir Briquettes, Coir Bags, Coir Fiber, Coir Pith and much more.


Our goal is to create the most advanced Coir (Coco peat) solutions for growers around the world, allowing our customers achieve high yield, excellent quality, and high profitability. Our customer’s success is our success.


Our goal is to keep using the most advanced technologies and first class raw materials in order to obtain high-quality coco coir products that meet all growers’ demands while maintaining our high standards.


Our goal is to remain the leading company in producing Coco Peat growing media in particular, and hydroponic growing in general. Our goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction. we spread a global agronomic support and marketing network.

Why Us?

Our outstanding quality certified by
our long term customers.

Besides producing the best coco peats and coir products, our commitment supersedes profiteering. We help professional horticulturists or casual enthusiasts looking to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly faming practices, by switching to a peat moss free medium.

We provide support to farmers looking for the best way to use coir coco peat, causally at home, or in their commercial enterprises. We provide technical and customer support, and valuable information on new trends and innovations.

Coco & Coir is committed to a cleaner, safer world, and we have adopted a radical, sustainable secret formula towards that goal– the husk of the humble coconut.

Our Products

Our products are produced and crafted to meet the needs of environmentally conscious individuals and corporations, who are enthralled by the seemingly uncountable benefits of coco products.

Our Story

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